Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Narrow Escape

She woke up from her unconsciousness, sneezed and opened her eyes. The naked light from the open window struck and she quickly shut it. She sat up, but felt a sharp pain in her head. She rubbed her head and threw glances about in the room. It would have been empty, but for the bed she lay on. Her bare feet touched the dusty floor as she stood up. It was cold. She tip toed across the room to the door and squeezed it's nob open. It revealed a long, lonely corridor. She wondered where she was as she walked down the corridor and suddenly began to hear meanings in the room before her. Her curiosity had the better part of her now as she moved stealthily to the door.

The moans became louder as she moved closer. "Where is this place?", she wondered. She stood before the door now, had a peek through the key hole and there they were, making love. At the sight of their faces, she remembered how she was dragged into a mini van. She screamed, but they were fast about it and zoomed off. Inside the van, they sprayed a powder on her face and she slept off only to wake up now. "Where was this place, Who are these people and what do they want from her?", Kept popping up in her mind.

As she made for another door, she kicked a bottle and the sound rang throughout the entire house. She shuddered. The couple became still and stared at themselves at the sound. The guy jumped down from the bed and got his pair of jean pant on. He pulled out a drawer from the table and grabbed a pistol. The lady hurriedly got dressed and grabbed a gun as well. Mimi was confused but ran back to the room she slept initially with all the speed she could muster. Before the kidnappers got out of their room, she was inside, panting. They trailed the foot prints on the dusty floor, closed in on the room, pointing their guns dangerously, ready to kill.

Mimi heard them closing in. She looked about the room desperately for somewhere to hide, but there was none. She saw their feet from underneath the door and quickly lay ...on the floor feigning unconciousness. The female assailant opened the door. The man pointed his gun into the room and moved in stealthily. The woman moved in and they both discovered the girl laying still on the ground. They threw glances about the room, closed in on the girl and Blinky touched her neck. "Is she alive?", Slim Shady whispered. He nodded and looked around. They both heard a knock on the main door and exchanged glances. They moved slowly to the exit of the room. Shut the door and ran across the corridor to the main entrance to the house.

The knock was steady now. He signalled to the lady to respond. "Yea who is it?, she asked. "Na me, abeg open door", came the response. "Na Cobra", she said, grinning. He maintained a straight face and signalled her to move away from the door. "There was something wrong about how Cobra, the gang leader sounded", he thought. He moved back and insisted she moved too with gesticulations. She smiled as Cobra requested they opened up. "Na Cobra na!" she said but he pulled back still and stood behind door. She grabbed the key.

Mimi opened her eyes upon discovering that they had gone and got up. She wiped the streak of dirt on her face and moved towards the door. She opened it slightly and peeped. It was empty. She moved out, leaving the door ajar and made for the door at the left end of the corridor. She ran, fell, got up and continued running towards the door.

Slim shady turned the key about in the key hole and pulled the bullet proof door open. Cobra had an injury on his forehead. He signalled to her with his eyes to escape but it was too late. "Don't move!", one of the policemen ordered. "If you move, I shoot you!", he roared. Blinky heard the angry voices of the policemen, noticed how Slim Shady was moving back slowly and took to his heels. Two of the policemen swooped on her and the others went after Blinky. He ran towards the door that led to the corridor just as Mimi closed in on the same door, escaping for her dear life. He forced the door open knocking her to the ground. He stumbled as he jumped across her and fell to the grimy floor. The police swooped on him and pulled him to his feet. "You are under arrest", one of the men said almost cheerfully. They helped Mimi up. Her lips were bruised.

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