Wednesday, 18 April 2012


She walked towards him with feline grace, a goblet of gin in hand. He took off his brown leather jacket and threw it carelessly on the lambskin upholstery. She came closer, her breasts heaving with delight and sat on his legs. "You didn't come back early baby", Dolly said, grinding her voluptuous butts on his groin. "Something came up in the studio, he said, nestling his lips on her neck. He slid ...his big veinous arm into her silky nighties and touched her soft naked skin. She offered him the goblet and he gulped down the content.

A lady came out from the kitchen into the dining room. He threw a glance at her with a puckered face and jumped up in shock. She smiled. "I can explain this baby, I swear", he blurted in utter disbelief. "Explain what sweet heart, that you are having an affair with my friend?", She said with a smirk. "Well done Dolly", she said. "I Knew you could do it". "Do what?", he said staring at Dolly. She moved away from him and stood beside her friend Mimi. Sweat trickled down his body now as he gazed at the women. Mimi, you set me up? You know how much I love you baby. I am sorry for my wrong but...". "But what?!, she interrupted. "You are one hell of a bastard. You sleep around with your girls and now, almost with my best friend? You are a dog Matt, a fucking dog".

Matt began to cough. Both young women exchange glances and stared at him. "I am sorry baby", Matt said with great difficulty. "I am sooooorrr...", He stuttered and grabbed his throat. "This is how you pay Matt, it is pay back time", Dolly said chuckling. Matt spew blood from his mouth, dropped on his knees still grabbing his throat. He fell to the ground and his big legs thrashed about violently. He jerked. Soon, he lay still. Big Matt was dead.

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